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Downstream cut-off drain
construction and Cell-9
Monocell Capping
Value : R41 Million
Client Representative:
Jones & Wagener
Jonathan Shamrock
Tel : 011 519 0200


 Excavation of a box cut to depth of 5m to 6m with slopes of1:1.5
 Excavation of a vertical trench at the base of the box cut,4m deep
 Supply and placement of the drain consisting of a fin drainwith a 200mm HDPE pipe, filter sand, a geotextile flow net, geocompisite drain and composite geosynthetic clay liner barrier
 Supply and placement of manholes at 100m centres and general backfill
 Shaping, filling and compacting fill on Cell 9B
 Constructing of completion of separation berm in Cell 9
 Construction of pipeline penetration through berm.